The Needle Law Group collects and enforces judgment accounts statewide in Florida. We provide immediate service and support on all judgment enforcement accounts placed with our law firm to ensure optimum turnaround time in the recovery of all judgment debts.

Our collection attorney and professional staff aggressively pursue the liquidation of every Florida judgment as quickly as possible. We utilize proven collection and enforcement strategies to maximize the results that we achieve on the judgment debts that have been entrusted to us.

Many judgment enforcement accounts that our Florida collection law firm receives can be collected in full while others require negotiation by our collection attorney or highly skilled staff member to achieve a favorable settlement for our client. A small percentage of the time, our collection attorney must utilize legal remedies to enforce the recovery of the funds owed by the judgment debtor.

Typically, we collect or enforce judgment debts based on a contingent basis but there are times when a client wants us to collect or provide legal services on an hourly fee basis as well. Our success in judgment collection and enforcement stems from our collection attorney’s vast experience and seasoning in providing these services on Florida judgments since opening the law firm in 1996. Judgment debts are more complex to collect or enforce than typical debts, primarily because they have already been through the court system and usually deal with complex issues such as locating assets, residence, employment etc. Another factor in the collection and enforcement of Florida judgments which makes them a bit more complex is that once you locate the assets of a judgment debtor or their business employment or residence, the chances of the judgment debtor skipping are relatively high but that does not deter our efforts in collection and enforcement using the legal remedies available to us in the State of Florida. We have a very good recovery ratio in collecting Florida judgment debts because we are aggressive, skilled and knowledgeable in our craft.

Our valued clients are well satisfied with the services that our collection attorney and staff provide. We have been representing judgment enforcement clients in the State of Florida for over 16 years and are very proud of the services that we provide regarding judgment collection and enforcement.

Should you have court ordered money judgments in Florida that require the assistance of a collection attorney, we can certainly design a judgment collection and enforcement campaign to quickly and efficiently collect the money that is owed to your company. Please contact our Florida collection attorney, Mr. Jeffrey J. Needle, at 1-800-367-1174 at your earliest convenience and discuss the parameters necessary to effectuate the successful collection and enforcement of your Florida judgments. We look forward to working with you and your company.